Will you be making anymore Destroy Your Oppressors back patches?

I don’t think so, but I will probably be making similar patches in the future.. it’s just that since they’re handmade and I only have a limited number of silkscreening screens to use at a time, I have to make everything in limited runs and I’d rather be making new stuff and new images rather than relying on old images that are popular. But I do get asked this a lot so I might make another large run in the future n.n

giveaway winners ~*~

sorry about not posting the winners of the giveaway last night! i got really sleepy.. but here they are!

1. slimeshoujo!! 
2. totalwinner!! 
3. malocclusive!!

i will message each of you after i get a message from the person before you, so i can know what each person wants and what things are already taken!

thank u all for participating, i will definitely be doing more giveaways in the future so keep an eye out! <3  V(=^・ω・^=)v the kind of support everyone showed to me was rly sweet and i actually can’t believe it..



mermaid thank u card

mermaid thank u card

egg drop shirts, now available here!


i’m so excited to present EROZINE, now available for purchase. 

the first run is handmade and superlimited to 20 copies. everyone involved is so talented and made some of their best work for this sexyass zine. 
i’m gonna take the time to link you to each of their blogs for everyone to check out with ease ^_^ 

julia armstrong

jeremy boydell


simone harrison

hannahbelle mclain


sera stanton


You can see all the awesome erotic work by myself & others in this rad zine! It’s sold out for now but more are on the way <3


Next up is TEMI #1 by Sera Stanton! This book is the first in an ongoing series that explores the hero myth from a new perspective - that of a lunar female hero. Follow Temi through densely illustrated pages as she is bullied, riddled with nightmares and generally has a bad time until she is cast out of her community to face the world on her own. She can tough it out!

yoo you all can buy TEMI from Sparkplug Books now if you’d like~ They also have a bunch of other good stuff. I just read Sky In Stereo by Mardou & it was a really cute & good faux-autobio comic! 

ivyatoms &amp; me bein cute at Oly Comics Fest

ivyatoms & me bein cute at Oly Comics Fest

commission for popstick! this character is so cute~~

commission for popstick! this character is so cute~~

Um Jammer Lammy commission for finchie!

Um Jammer Lammy commission for finchie!

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